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Cary Fitzpaine - Charlton Adam - Charlton Mackrell - Lytes Cary - Wellham - West Charlton
Country road in the parish - photo by kind permission of Jemma Lawson

Parish Council Meetings


Date Comment Agenda Minutes Reports
16/05/2024Annual Parish Meeting  
16/05/2024Annual Parish Council Meeting  
16/05/2024Ordinary Meeting  
16/04/2024Ordinary MeetingAgendaMinutes (Unapproved)
19/03/2024Ordinary MeetingAgendaMinutes
14/02/2024Ordinary MeetingAgendaMinutes
16/01/2024Ordinary MeetingAgendaMinutesView Reports


Date Comment Agenda Minutes Reports
21/11/2023Ordinary MeetingAgendaMinutesView Reports
17/10/2023Ordinary MeetingAgendaMinutes
19/09/2023Ordinary MeetingAgendaMinutes
26/07/2023On Site Planning MeetingAgendaMinutes
18/07/2023Ordinary MeetingAgendaMinutes
20/06/2023Ordinary MeetingAgendaMinutes
16/05/2023Annual Parish MeetingAgendaMinutes (Unapproved)View Reports
16/05/2023Annual Parish Council MeetingAgendaMinutes
16/05/2023Ordinary MeetingAgendaMinutes
18/04/2023Ordinary Meeting Minutes
21/03/2023Ordinary MeetingAgendaMinutes
21/02/2023Ordinary MeetingAgendaMinutes
17/01/2023Ordinary MeetingAgendaMinutesView Reports

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