Using this website

Some older visitors to this site may not have the experience of using websites as their children so here are a few guidelines - 
  • Any word or name that is underlined will take you to a further link which may be another website, another page on this site, another point on the same page or an email address.
  • When you over a link the cursor will change from an arrow  
    to a hand
  • Most pictures will enlarge to their full size if clicked upon. This applies individual images as well as those in slide shows and galleries.
  • Using the arrow pointing to the left at the top right corner of your browser will return you to the previous page you were viewing.
  • You can open a link in a new page by either holding down the Ctrl key while clicking or by clicking with the mouse wheel.
  • On the righthand side of some of the long pages, you will see a series of buttons. (See right.) Click on one of the circles to go to another part of the page