SWP Briefing June 2018

June 21, 2018


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Somerset Waste Partnership

Briefing for Members, Partners and Staff

June 2018


Managing waste and recycling services for all authorities in Somerset


Driver supply challenges


Finding enough staff for kerbside

collections – particularly the vital drivers

for Somerset’s recycling and rubbish

trucks – is proving a challenge,

especially as Hinkley C and the impact

of Brexit compound an entrenched

national shortage of HGV drivers.


SWP is working with contractor Kier to

improve recruitment strategies and take

a fresh, innovative approach. This

includes: improved advertising and

promotion; fully-funded driver training

programmes; competitive rates of pay

(£11.28 per hour, with overtime at

£16.92); international recruitment

initiatives, and a £300 sign-on bonus.


For potential employees across

Somerset looking for well-paid, reliable

employment that keeps you fit, makes a

positive contribution to Somerset’s

environment and gets you home with

plenty of the day left (great for mums,

dads or anyone looking for a work/home

life balance) the number to call is Smart

Solutions on 0117 916 0760 .


Kerbside knife warning


Our crews work hard day in day out and

ensuring they go home safely every day

is of paramount importance to us. A

sharp knife carelessly left in a recycling

box led SWP to issue reminders that

knives and sharp objects should not be

left in kerbside recycling boxes as they

can cause injury, or be picked up by

children or those with criminal intent.


Knives should be taken with care to

recycling sites; broken glass should be

well wrapped to ensure no risk and

added to rubbish bins; syringes must be

disposed of in a sharps boxes, which

SWP collects and replaces but must first

be obtained from a doctor or pharmacy.


Collection contract procurement


Discussions will shortly begin with a

range of companies that responded to

the tender notice in the Official Journal

of the European Union for the new

collections contract. Procuring a new

contractor will enable the introduction of

the Recycle More kerbside service with

extra recyclable materials taken weekly

– including many more plastics – and

three-weekly rubbish collections.


These talks aim to clarify our

expectations, helping ensure bids

deliver best value to taxpayers and

meet our high environmental and

service quality aspirations. Bidders’

detailed proposals are due by the end of

September and will show their proposed

working methods, resource levels,

vehicle selection and depot plans. We

will then enter a final stage of

negotiations with bidders.


Somerset Waste Board will review the

outcome of the first stage of the

competitive dialogue process and any

changes to the final specification at its

meeting on 19 October. A final decision

will be taken by SWB in March with the

new contractor delivering services from

March 2020. Our hardworking Kier staff

will transfer to the new contractor.


Plastics update


The government will be consulting on its

plan to ban sales of plastic straws, drink

stirrers and plastic stemmed cotton

Managing waste and recycling services for all local authorities in Somerset

buds. New facilities taking plastic food

and household pots tubs and trays

(PTT) at all recycling sites are proving

very popular, as is the SWP Pledge

Against Preventable Plastics (sign up

here). SWP is the Somerset hub for

Refill, helping cafes and other outlets,

including County Hall in Taunton,

become water refill stations. For more,

see https://www.refill.org.uk/refillscheme/



Answering your questions


There are many ways to get any query

about recycling or rubbish answered by

SWP, including the six customer

services teams of our partner county

and district councils, as well as SWP’s

web contact form – details here:


act-us/. Many people reach SWP on

Facebook; we now have over 3,400

followers. SWP is also answering

questions via its information stand at

libraries; after visiting Taunton and

Bridgwater libraries, we will be at

Frome, Minehead and Yeovil libraries in

coming weeks. SWP is keen to keep

parish councils informed, such as by

attending the Sedgemoor parish cluster

groups, regular Mendip parish forums,

and South Somerset area meetings.

And SWP managing director Mickey

Green will be speaking and answering

questions at the Somerset Association

of Local Councils AGM in October.


Latest media releases


Recent communications included:

 Plastic pledge marks World

Environment Day

 Found today in a Somerset

recycling box: kitchen knife

Upcoming campaigns will focus on

driver recruitment and plastic action.


Somerset Waste Board


SWP is the executive arm of SWB, with

two members nominated by each of the

six Somerset partner councils, one of

which must be the portfolio holder for

waste and/or the environment.


The Chair and Vice-Chair are elected at

the Board AGM from its membership.


The next SWB meeting is the AGM on

Friday 29 June 2018. SWB meeting

agendas, papers and reports are

available online.


For more on SWP, SWB and waste

services: www.somersetwaste.gov.uk.


SWB membership (as notified to SWP):

 Mendip – Cllrs Nigel Woollcombe-

Adams (Vice Chair), Nigel Taylor

 Sedgemoor – Cllrs Dawn Hill, Gill


 Somerset County – Cllrs David

Hall, Mike Pullin

 South Somerset – Cllrs Jo

Roundell Greene, Derek Yeomans


 Taunton Deane Borough – Cllrs

Patrick Berry, Hazel Prior-Sankey

 West Somerset – Cllrs Martin

Dewdney, Brenda Maitland-



Information on SWP services


For all advice and information, visit

www.somersetwaste.gov.uk. Follow us

on Facebook and Twitter. Sign-up to

our e-zine on our website. All partners’

customer service helplines can assist

with service enquiries.

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