Somerset Waste Partnership Briefing for Members, Partners and Staff February 2018

February 2, 2018

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Somerset Waste Partnership
Briefing for Members, Partners and Staff
February 2018
Managing waste and recycling services for all authorities in Somerset
New education programme
Working in partnership with Carymoor
Environmental Trust (CET), SWP is
launching a new waste education
programme. It offers 90 fully-funded
half-day sessions in primary schools,
typically starting with a whole-school
assembly and then two classroombased
activity sessions. Schools are
seen as an effective route to improve
understanding of the importance of
waste reduction and recycling in
everyday life among thousands of
children and their families. It is hoped
this can become an ongoing
programme. CET is writing to schools
inviting them to express interest.
Avonmouth resource recovery
SWB members and the SWP managing
director attended an event organised on
2 February by contractor Viridor to mark
the start of the construction phase of the
Resource Recovery Centre (RRC) being
built at Avonmouth. Once running, the
RRC plant will transform residual waste
from Somerset and elsewhere in the
region into energy to power up to
44,000 homes.
Plastic recycling
Recent media coverage of plastic
pollution (partly driven by the Blue
Planet and partly by China’s refusal to
accept low quality material) has raised
public concerns.
Somerset’s kerbside sort system and
focus on waste as a valuable resource
enables us to still recycle almost
everything (94%) in the UK, with all food
waste and garden waste reprocessed
here in Somerset.
Through Recycle More we are
committed to collecting even more types
of plastics, but it will take concerted
action from SWP, consumers,
producers, the waste industry and
national government to address the
particular challenges we face with
recycling mixed plastics. SWP is
looking at what more we can do ahead
of rolling out Recycle More from 2020,
and developing a campaign to advise
the public on what actions they can take
to reduce, reuse and recycle plastic
waste as well as what steps local
authorities are taking.
Recycle More
Five leading waste management
companies attended soft market
engagement sessions with the SWP
procurement project team late last year.
All responded positively to the approach
to the services and approach outlined
by SWP. The sessions helped SWP
understand the key issues that would
affect the bidders’ attitude to risks. This
will assist the project team in managing
the procurement process through
competitive dialogue. Eunomia
Research and Consulting has been
retained to provide commercial and
technical advice throughout the
procurement process.
The next stage of the project is to
compile the contract documents by end
of March 2018, prior to posting the
contract notice in the Official Journal of
the European Communities. We remain
on track to procure a new collection
contractor and have procured a new
fleet of recycling vehicles by March
Managing waste and recycling services for all local authorities in Somerset
Recycling site surveys
SWP officers recently undertook user
surveys at all recycling sites, with a
particular focus on our most used sites.
The surveys covered public site usage
and perceptions of health, welfare and
safety. Collated results will help inform
future site management.
Crew abuse
There have been a number of incidents
highlighted recently of assaults on and
abuse of collection crew members.
These included a driver having her
phone smashed, a crew harangued in a
road rage attack, and a loader pushed
over – all simply because they were
trying to do their job.
In order to make collections, vehicles
need to be on the road and in some
circumstances that inevitably means
short delays for following traffic to avoid
putting crews, other road users and
pedestrians at risk. Abuse and attacks
are completely unacceptable and will
not be tolerated. SWP and Kier will be
meeting with Avon and Somerset
Constabulary to explore what more can
be done to clamp down on this.
Back to the floor
SWP managing director Mickey Green
recently enjoyed a “back to the floor”
experience when he took part in Kier’s
hands-on induction training. Mickey will
soon be going out with recycling and
refuse crews.
Latest media releases
Recent media releases and web posts
 Dozen recycling sites take singleuse
coffee cups
 Teabags and plastic – all the news
fit to drink
 All change for collections – but all
sites open Saturday-Sunday
Somerset Waste Board
SWP is the executive arm of SWB, with
two members nominated by each of the
six Somerset partner councils, one of
which must be the portfolio holder for
waste and/or the environment. The
Chair and Vice-Chair are elected at the
Board AGM from its membership. The
next SWB meeting is on Friday 23
February 2018. SWB meeting agendas,
papers and reports are available online
For more on SWP, SWB and waste
SWB membership by council is:
 Mendip – Cllrs Nigel Woollcombe-
Adams (Vice Chair), Nigel Taylor
 Sedgemoor – Cllrs Dawn Hill, Gill
 Somerset County – David Hall,
Clare Aparicio Paul
 South Somerset – Cllrs Jo Roundell
Greene, Derek Yeomans (Chairman)
 Taunton Deane Borough – Cllrs
Patrick Berry, Steve Ross
 West Somerset – Cllrs Martin
Dewdney, Brenda Maitland-Walker
Information on SWP services
For all advice and information, visit Follow us
on Facebook and Twitter. Sign-up to
our e-zine on our website. All partners’
customer service helplines can assist
with service




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