Support for an Artificial Grass Pitch (AGP) to serve communities in Area East

Support for an Artificial Grass Pitch (AGP) to serve communities in Area East Area East Members have asked me to write to you regarding the aspiration to provide an AGP for this area. Artificial Grass Pitches (often referred to as 3G pitches) are used to provide all-weather training and playing facilities for a range of sports but predominantly hockey, football and netball. Some local sports teams have negotiated access to facilities in private schools but others have to travel to Yeovil. The South Somerset District Council Playing Pitch Strategy is currently being finalised and the evidence is indicating that there is not enough need to justify a strategic facility to serve the Area. Area East members are concerned that access to this type of facility is very limited; this denies our young people and our local clubs use of a public AGP in the Bruton, Castle Cary and Wincanton area. Local secondary and primary schools have no or limited access to an AGP, although they are widely available to State schools in Yeovil and private schools in Area East. Facilities identified in the Strategy are in private schools, with restricted or no public access, so should not be used to disprove a need. If the principle of improved access to this type of facility is supported by Town/Parish Councils, with other partners and funders, it will help to build a case for a local facility. If you are aware of local groups/teams who would benefit from an AGP, it would be very helpful if you would consider writing a letter of support for more local access to AGP provision and possibly consider including a small amount in your precept, as a potential contribution towards a facility in this Area. Letters of support, from both your Council and local teams/groups, should be addressed to the Area Development Team (East) and sent to the above address or can be emailed to Yours sincerely

Nick Weeks Chairman Area East Committee

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