Somerset Rivers Authority End of Year Report 2016-17

Dear parish,

Please see attached a copy of the Somerset Rivers Authority End of Year Report for 2016-17. I should be very grateful if you could circulate this to all of your councillors.

The Report tells you what the SRA did in 2016-17 with its funding from local partners (Somerset County Council, the five district councils and the IDBs) as well as other sources (such as the Heart of the SW Local Enterprise Partnership).

In the interests of transparency, the report also gives information about projects that have been delayed.

It mentions a lot of places and a lot of different activities across Somerset.

If you or your councillors have any questions, please emaill or contact the SRA on 01823 355111.

You can also see the report online at

Thank you very much for your help.

Yours faithfully,

Jonathan Hudston

Communications Manager, Somerset Rivers Authority

Tel: 01823 359068 (please note new number)

Mob: 07768 392184


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