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A Parent Governor vacancy has arisen at Charlton Mackrell Primary School and the Board of Governors are now looking to appoint a new governor in this role.

In addition, our Board currently has the capacity to co-opt up to a further two governors for short-term posts of 2 years.

All governors are volunteers and you will need some energy and commitment as the Governing Body is “accountable for ensuring high standards of achievement for all children and young people in their educational setting” [from A Guide for Prospective School Governors – Somerset Governor Services]. You do not have to be an education specialist or know how to run a school, we have an excellent Headteacher for that and she is ably supported by super staff.

A Parent Governor is defined as “a parent of a pupil registered at the school” but, if this proves not possible, then Governing Boards may appoint from a wider parental group that looks like this…,

the parent of a pupil registered at the school - OR

a parent of a former pupil registered at the school - OR

a parent of a child under, or of, compulsory school age.

A Co-opted Governor appointed will be someone who brings additional skills and experience to the Board and widens their range of expertise.

If you are interested in giving some of your time to be actively involved in further developing our school and maintaining a well-rounded and successful educational outcome for the children in our communities of the Charltons, Cary Fitzpaine and Kingsdon then

become our school governor.

Parent Governor role – why not chat it through with one of the other Parent Governors, Keith O’Boyle 01458 223285 or Jo Nicholl 01935 841446

For a Co-Opted Governor role, or more information on either governor role, and an application form please contact Anne Adams (Clerk to Governors) 01458 223675.

You may also contact the school office 01458 223329 to leave your full name and contact details so that they may be passed on to the Clerk.

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