SWP October 2016 monthly briefing

Somerset Waste Partnership Monthly Briefing for Members, Partners and Staff October 2016

Steer clear on Saturdays New measures to reduce congestion, bar illegal trade waste and restrict outof-county “waste tourists” at recycling sites have begun well. More than 13,000 van, pick-up and trailer permits have been issued to Somerset residents. The other 95% of residents, who come in cars without trailers, are being reminded to make good use of recycling sites on Saturday mornings and Sundays, when permit holders cannot use them. Site staff report few issues and early indications are that the objectives are being achieved. Full permit details on the SWP website.

Rinse those plastic bottles Somerset Waste Partnership is using materials from the national Waste and Resources Action Programme in October and November to encourage plastic recycling. SWP collects plastic bottles – rinsed with tops iscarded – and residents will be reminded that this includes fizzy drinks, milk and those containing cleaning products and cosmetics. Recycling plastic bottle messages will be promoted via media, our website and e-newsletter.

Revised festive collections Planning for Christmas collections is well underway, with SWP and contractor Kier identifying extra staff and vehicle requirements. Waste trends evolve fast alongside festive developments and changing shopping habits. The “Amazon Avalanche” of cardboard now starts earlier and persists from November’s Black Friday through Christmas to New Year sales. To avoid missed or delayed collections due to card-filled trucks returning frequently to empty at depots, the advice is to take excessive cardboard to any recycling site or place reasonable amounts out over time for regular collections. To advise residents of festive collection day changes, newspaper adverts have been booked and revised collection date posters are being distributed to all libraries, council information points and parish clerks, with a request to put on public-facing noticeboards. For details, see website.

Fright night and burning issues For Halloween, SWP will be reminding residents to recycle much more and waste far less, from making full use of pumpkins as food as well as fearful displays to getting creative with homemade costumes. And for Bonfire Night, there is a call to avoid burning furniture that could be of value to others via a charity shop or reuse group, and to keep rubbish – especially rubber, foam or plastic – out of the conflagrations. Check the website for details. Later in November, residents will be urged to shop smarter and buy better to avoid wasting money and resources in the new consumer marketing exercises of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Waste Not Somerset Community groups, clubs and local organisations of all sorts – green or gardening, parish councils and food coops, and many more – are being offered the chance of free materials and a new online hub for campaigns to encourage waste reduction, reuse, repair, recycling or composting. Waste

Not Somerset aims to offer fun ways for existing groups to get people together, help household budgets go further, and bring lasting benefits in your community.

Your chance to be a champ Care about good food, cutting costs, driving down waste, and keen to help others waste less, recycle more and save cash? You could become a Somerset Food Champion. A one-day free course can show you easy ways to save money and cut food waste, so you can pass on ideas to neighbours, friends and others in your community (with reasonable travel expenses). Click here for details of the next Food Champions training, on Saturday 12 November in Shepton Mallet.

Latest media releases Media releases from SWP in the last month included:

  • Free one-day course on offer to find Food Champions

  • Positive start for new recycling site measures

  • Tricks and treats for your fun-filled family fear-fest

Somerset Waste Board

SWP is the executive arm of SWB, which consists of two members nominated by each of the six partner councils in Somerset, one of which must be the portfolio holder for waste and/or the environment. The Chair and Vice-Chair are elected at the annual general meeting from the Board's membership. The next Board meeting will be held on Friday 16 December.

For details of SWP, SWB and waste services: www.somersetwaste.gov.uk.

SWB membership by council is:

  • Mendip – Cllrs Nigel Woollcombe- Adams (Vice Chair), Terry Napper

  • Sedgemoor – Cllrs Dawn Hill, Gill Slocombe

  • Somerset County – Cllrs Derek Yeomans (Chair), David Hall

  • South Somerset – Cllrs Jo Roundell Greene, Clare Aparicio Paul

  • Taunton Deane Borough – Cllrs Patrick Berry, Steve Ross

  • West Somerset – Cllrs Martin Dewdney, Brenda Maitland-Walker

Agenda, papers and reports for SWB meetings are available online.

Information on SWP services The main source of advice and information on SWP services is www.somersetwaste.gov.uk. Customer service helplines for all partner authorities can assist with service enquiries. SWP publishes the Sorted monthly ezine (sign-up on the website).

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