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Expecting your Winter Fuel Payment? Don’t need it? Donate it! Surviving Winter is an award-winning campaign that encourages people to donate some or all of their unwanted Winter Fuel Payments to other people in their communities who need it most. A Surviving Winter grant doesn’t just pay for extra heating. It’s hand delivered by one of our small number of trusted local partners, like Citizens Advice South Somerset. A Surviving Winter grant becomes the foundation for a new relationship that can help overcome the isolation and loneliness that many older people experience. With the support of over 300 donors, Somerset Community Foundation was able to provide vital grants to 390 older people to help them through last winter. Please help us grow this campaign to reach every isolated and vulnerable household in the county.

To find out more about Surviving Winter, please visit: donate some or all of your Winter Fuel Payment, please send a cheque made out to Somerset Community Foundation (SW written on the back), Yeoman House, Bath and West Showground, Shepton Mallet, BA4 6QN. You can also donate online or call 01749 344949. Gift Aid forms are also available to download on the website. Thank you for making a difference to an elderly person in your community this winter!


Case Study: Mrs Kelly received a Surviving Winter grant last year. She had recently undergone an amputation and was left practically immobile, when a Village Agent found her trying to keep warm by heating a kettle. Mrs Kelly had run out of money to pay for heating, food or her telephone needed to summon medical assistance in an emergency. A Surviving Winter grant quickly restored the heating, and the Village Agent was able to alert other agencies that were able to put in place the care that she needed to recover fully.

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