NHS Free Health Check

Dear Sir/Madam,

Invitation to host free NHS Health Check Events for the people of your parish and town.

Since April 2015, ToHealth have been working in collaboration with Somerset County Council to provide free NHS Health Checks to eligible residents of Somerset, currently we have delivered just under 10,000 checks countywide. We have been very successful delivering in other communities such as Martock and Chilcompton and we would like to extend this invitation to your parish.

The NHS Health Check Programme is a national service which assesses a person’s risk of developing heart attack, stroke, diabetes and kidney disease. The health check provides advice and support on how a person may prevent or reduce their risks and live a healthier life. This is an ideal opportunity to offer the people of your town access to a free NHS Health Check, which could help them prevent long-term chronic conditions and potentially save their lives. The NHS Health Check provided by ToHealth is the same as the NHS Health Check that is provided by GPs and pharmacists.

How will this benefit your parishioners?

Planning a free NHS Health Check event for the resident of your area is an easy and great way to let them know you care about their health and wellbeing. It can also increase the feeling of everyone being in a community and a healthy one.

Why not coincide the checks with a community event e.g. coffee morning, fayre or fun run?

In a recent survey, 95% said that they would be ‘Extremely likely’ or ‘Likely’ to recommend the Health Check service to friends or family.

“I`m grateful to have the opportunity to check up on my health on my doorstep as I wouldn`t have `found time` to arrange it myself”.

“A convenient, non-threatening, informative, reassuring service”.

Somerset County Council and ToHealth are passionate about the positive impact health checks can have on peoples’ lives and I hope your organisation will take up the opportunity of participating in this programme.

Is everyone in your parish eligible to have a health check?

In order to qualify for a free health check, parishioners must be:

Aged between 40 and 74

  • Should not have received an NHS health check elsewhere in the last five years.

  • Some parishioners may not qualify if they already have certain conditions or are taking certain medications (e.g. high blood pressure, high cholesterol etc).

  • Individuals must either live in Somerset County Council region, or be registered with a Somerset County Council GP (please see map below)

What is involved in holding an NHS Health Check event?

There is no cost involved for your community. Highly trained and knowledgeable health care professionals will be assigned and will bring the equipment to run the event in your town. All we require is a small amount of space (2 metres square), a suitable power supply, nearby hand washing facilities and, if applicable, a secure place to store equipment overnight.

The health check for each person takes around 20 minutes to complete and will consist of:

  • Straightforward questions about their health, diet, alcohol intake, smoking habit, physical activity and relevant family history

  • Height, weight, waist and blood pressure measurements

  • A simple finger-prick blood test for cholesterol and blood sugar test (if required)

  • Dementia awareness and falls prevention information (for over 65s)

Each person will receive a comprehensive health report, together with advice and support about how to maintain good health and make lifestyle changes that will help improve that individual’s health. This may include referral to their GP or local lifestyle services such as weight management or physical activities.

If you decide to host an event, ToHealth will help each parishioner to decide if they are eligible. You can find out more on our Somerset Health Check Website: www.somersethealthchecks.co.uk


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