Somerset Levels RDA Carriage Driving Group

Our aim is to improve the lives of people with disabilities, enabling them to carriage drive for the benefit of their health and wellbeing, and to achieve their goals within the sport of carriage driving. The principle aim of the Group is to encourage and develop each driver’s skills and confidence to reach their own personal targets. We are fortunate in having a wonderful team of around 30 helpers who look after the horses, equipment and who raise funds. Currently two ponies are used at our twice weekly sessions. The group operates from Footsteps, c/o The Charltons, nr Somerton, Somerset.Our Group is run completely by volunteers and is fully self-funding receiving no direct financial support therefore we need to raise approximately £20000 each year just to cover the annual running costs.
Contact the Group Organiser: Miss Yolanda Hansford, 4 Bridge Rise, Bearley Park, Martock, Somerset, TA12 6HU – 079358563190 or check out our website:   
We moved in to Footsteps in November and will be operating from here - no doubt you will have already seen some of our volunteers exercising our ponies since we moved in.  We would just like to make you aware that our sessions run from March to October on Tuesday and Thursday between 10.00 - 3.00, and we will be taking out a maximum of two ponies and carriages with a vehicle behind and up to 6-8 cyclists to ensure the safety of our Clients, Volunteers and the General Public.  We hope that we won't be to much of an inconvenience to the villagers and will try to keep any disruption to a minimum.
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