Charlton Adam Post Office Stores

John and Christine Bowman
01458 223214
John and Christine would like to thank all their customers for their patience while the shop was completely refurbished and the defibrillator installed. Check the 'new' look below.
Post Office Services


Personal Banking 95% of banks catered for Cash Withdrawals
Cash & Cheque Deposits
Bill Payments such as Council Tax, Water Rates, HMRC, BT
Car Tax
Car & Travel Insurance
Travel Money & Money Gram
Electric Key Charging
Post Office Home Phone & Broadband
Pay as You Go phone Top Ups
Postage for Royal Mail & Parcel Force
National Lottery & Scratch Cards
Heating Oil Consortium orders placed 1st of each month
Shop Services


News Papers & Magazines
Fresh Bread from the local Bakery 
Fresh Veg
Frozen Foods
Groceries & Confectionary
Agents for Puffin Cleaners of Yeovil
Cards & Stationary
Photo Copy Black & white or Colour
Ice Cream
Pet Foods.
Off Licence
Basic cooking ingredients
Household necessities


Before and after
PO stores old 3
PO stores old 3
PO stores old 2
PO stores old 2
Po stores old 1
Po stores old 1
Po stores 5
Po stores 5
PO stores 4
PO stores 4
PO stores 3
PO stores 3
The new defibrillator
Instructions will follow